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Yoga “Liberates your body and mind”

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Yoga brings that desired peace. It leads to a growth of the patterns of behavior, of the thinking and in the attitudes of the life of every individual. Yoga can help one to change lots of aspects of their life. It has the potential to lead to a state of well-being not only of the body but also of the mind and spirit. In the following we are going to find out about the origins of this meditative practice that is nowadays becoming more and more popular especially in the Western world.

What is Yoga?

The word Yoga has different meanings to different people. Some argue that it is a series of positions, a spiritual path and some speak of the helth benefits. But what exactly is yoga?

First you have to understand that Yoga is NOT: a religion, a sport or contortionism. Yoga is simply a tool that helps to make us feel good and it provides a set of techniques that allow our body and mind to unite. This practice of meditation and ascetic was practiced in India for the first time, specifically by the Hindu, in the field Buddhist and Jain who have interpreted this meditation as a discovery for the salvation of our soul and body. But Yoga is a complete science that unites body, mind and spirit with the universe.

How does Yoga affect the body and mind? Let´s find out about the positive effects of meditation

Yoga is an emotional integration, a spiritual evolution, a mystical element that allows you to glimpse something beyond your imagination and that every person can find only within themself. From the physical point of view it involves the stretching of some of our limbs and muscles and it allows you to dissolve some knots or pressures (back pain, limb pain, wrong posture, etc.). To practice yoga is very important to concentrate on the following: breathing, right posture and thinking of images that evoke positive feelings. This helps to promote a physical and mental balance, leading to find a proper concentration and a state of total relaxation. Therefore these meditative practices are usually carried out in silent, spacious and bright places, such as by the sea or on a lawn. Yoga is very popular and is practiced a lot of times by pregnant women as it has many benefits for both mother and child. The breathing and the various positions relieve the typical pain of pregnancy such as bloating, cramps, nausea, etc. During the concentration phase, which is necessary for the practice of postures, this meditation technique allows to increase the concentration and it is decisive in increasing awareness. This is a very important factor to stop all the negative effects that affect the lives of humans such as anxiety, stress, nervousness, depression.

Does Yoga make you lose weight?

Is it true that the meditative activity may be able to help us lose a few extra pounds? We have to note that Yoga doesn’t make you lose weight through the vigorous exercises and strenuous, however through a series of stimuli over the body which are reflected in the mind. By starting to listen to ourselves through meditation we can stimulate our body communicating what is right to eat and what we should discard. By that we are able to start running a healthier and more genuine diet! But obviously only meditation is not enough, in fact, physical activity helps of course to keep us healthy both mentally and physically. So, with a proper diet, regular exercise and stimulant meditative practice, it will certainly have an impact on our weight.

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