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A cycle of Testosterone Cypionate is one way to take testosterone that has an ester (cypionate) that is attributed to it. If you have been prescribed a form of testosterone replacement therapy, or if you are a bodybuilder that is thinking about taking testosterone in order to speed up your gains, it is very likely that you have heard of something called a cycle.

testosterone cypionate cycle

testosterone cypionate cycle

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle Results

Testosterone Cypionate is commonly used as injectable for the treatment of hypogonadism. The most commercial forms of this hormone also have components known as esters attached to them to help regulate their absorption by the body. For example, injections often contain esters that define their active and half-life functions, such as those found with Testosterone Cypionate.

The basic definition of a Testosterone cycle cypionate, or any form of a steroid cycle, is the use of the drug for a certain period of time, followed by a rest period.

The term cycling is more commonly found among bodybuilders and those using it to enhance muscle bulking capabilities, stamina, and endurance, and to lose weight or to maintain the optimum ratio of lean muscle mass to fat. In the world of bodybuilding where anabolic steroids are common, a cycling plan is considered an effective way to achieve optimal results.

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the best steroid cycles for bodybuilders as it can be used in both muscle volume as well as cutting phases. If you are however a beginner and new to injectable steroids, we do recommend Testosterone Cypionate alternatives such as TESTOFUEL.

It should be noted that use of injections such as Testosterone Cypionate cycle plans are not recommended by medical professionals, such as prescription injections only and classified as Schedule III controlled substance. It is a powerful hormone which can initiate a series of physical, emotional, and mental changes in the body depending on the dose, frequency of use, and when combined with other drugs or steroids.

test cypionate

What is a typical cycling plan?

As mentioned, cycling is a method of using Testosterone, often combined with other drugs, in a carefully regimented cycle for a certain amount of time, usually up to 12 weeks. After use, we recommend a rest period during which no steroids or drugs are being used in order to give the body a break. Further it is recommended to follow a post cycle therapy (PCT).

Everyone is different, as are their experiences with cycling. Beginners of their first cycle of testosterone cypionate may experience unexpected side effects and reactions if not careful. Check out the best natural ways to boost testosterone levels with the steroid alternative from TESTOFUEL that offer similar results without having to inject the product.

Cycle dose of Testosterone Cypionate

The best cycle of Testosterone Cypionate recommended to beginners is to start with 400 mg to 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate once a week for 12 weeks. That dosage is divided into two separate injections of about 200 to 250 mg, for example, early in the week, and the other days later. It can be a little complicated, especially since many bodybuilders also recommend taking other drugs to reduce the estrogenic side effects that are relatively common with testosterone injections. Drugs that may reduce the risk of estrogenic effects are known as aromatase inhibitors. One such inhibitor is Arimidex (brand).

A recommended dose (by bodybuilders) of 0.5 mg every two days is generally adequate. Many bodybuilders go beyond that and add the short-term use of other drugs such as Anadrol, Dianabol (methandrostenolone) or even others to this cycling regimen.

testosterone cypionate dosage

How to better cycle Cypionate to avoid DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS 

There is no doubt that various information about the Cypionate Testosterone cycle can be found online and the product can be purchased on such pages as well. However, obtaining such drugs and combinations of steroids or aromatase inhibitors can increase the risk of side effects without a prescription and also leaves individuals open to questionable ingredients, manufacturing standards, less effectiveness, and most importantly, safety. There are a great number of older bodybuilders who learned the hard way that testosterone is powerful and can have a number of effects on the body.

Age, well-being and general health, medical factors such as diseases such as diabetes, and even emotional and mental status can impact on how a body will react to a Testosterone Cypionate cycle dosage. The hazards associated with the consumption of any product that is not prescribed or anticipated can have very harmful effects.

You may experience impressive results when you use Testosterone for a muscle building and group age for purposes. Use common sense when it comes to bodybuilding. While many bodybuilders swear on the cycle of Testosterone Cypionate, we do recommend to keep you eyes open for products that offer similar results without any of the side effects.

As you can tell, there are unfortunately a number of negative side effects connected to the usage of Testosterone Cypionate. However, there are products available on the market, that are based on natural ingredients, meaning you will not experience any of the highlighted side effects, while still achieving the same results. We at Pretty Bodies have tested the Anabolic Alternative by TESTOFUEL which works in a very similar manner as Testosterone Cypionate. Not only do you not have any of the negative side effects, but at the same time you will also be able to achieve similar results to when using the injectable version. After testing the product ourselves, we highly recommend you give this product a shot before turning to any kind of injectables. 

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