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Skin aging – 10 false myths to debunk

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When it comes to skin aging, there are some myths and false beliefs to be debunked. After all, getting to know how you can reverse skin aging is crucial. Especially if you want to look attractive over time.

skin aging woman 10 false myths to debunk

1st myth to debunk: “Skin aging is something genetic, which is out of your control.”

The belief that you can’t do anything to reverse skin aging is wrong. While factors of aging are genetic, there are still other factors that affect how your skin ages, such as lifestyle, health and environmental factors.

2nd myth to debunk: “The most expensive anti-aging products are also the most effective.

False! It’s the ingredients (and their concentration), not the price that count. For the best results, choose an anti-wrinkles product suitable for your age containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, etc.

3rd myth to debunk: “Your Diet doesn’t affect skin aging process.

Actually, this isn’t true, as eating too much sugar can break down collagen and elastin in your skin. And it may cause wrinkles.

4th myth to debunk: “As soon as skin looks better, we can suspend the treatment.

Wrong! In order to see lasting results, you might still need to use the product, even if you notice an improvement. Otherwise, benefits might quickly vanish.

5th myth to debunk: “Using facial moisturizer is enough to keep wrinkles away.”

Unfortunately, traditional moisturizers don’t always penetrate the skin deeply enough to have an impact on collagen and elastin. Serums, with their lighter texture, are generally more effective, as they get deeper so to help reduce wrinkles.

6th myth to debunk: “Sunscreen is useless as long as it’s cloudy.”

UV rays have a harmful effect on skin, even when it isn’t sunny. In fact, clouds are unable to totally filter UV rays.

7th myth to debunk: “Botox removes wrinkles.”

It’s definitely false. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles in a certain skin area. And wrinkles become less visible as a result, for about 4 months.

8th myth to debunk: “Makeup causes harm to skin.”

It’s not necessarily true. Opposite, lipstick and foundation protect skin, as long as you choose high quality products. Always use fresh products and remove your makeup before going to bed.

9th myth to debunk: “If an anti wrinkles cream make you feel pain, the product is working.

Beware, as pain means there’s a problem; it is not an indicator of the effectiveness of the product. If you feel pain, find another product.

10th myth to debunk: “Once you start aging, it’s too late to reverse the process.”

Certainly the sooner we start taking care of our skin, the better. But it’s never too late to get started. In fact, skin is elastic. It can recover as long as you choose the best treatment. Consider taking collagen supplements such as YouTonics Skin, which is rich in hydrolyzed collagen protein. And don’t forget to use sunscreen!

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