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“The Rock Steroids” – Are they Real?

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Now, it is time to figure out if “The Rock Steroids” headlines were true or not! Dwayne Johnson alias “The Rock” is known for his picture perfect muscles and posture. He has made many men focus on their fitness routines. However, the question if Johnson was on steroids remained unanswered for a very long time. An interview with Dwayne clarified this for everyone. He admitted to the use of steroids since he was 18 years old. Voila, does this ring bells in your mind. Unlike many other fitness freaks or celebrities, Dwayne bulked in a classy way. He put a good amount of quality mass. To be more precise, The Rock didn’t add any fat.

Picture Perfect Looks

Talks on “The Rock Steroids” don’t stand in front of Dwayne’s ripped off looks. It is quite evident that Dwayne looks much better nowadays than what he did two decades ago. He had added a considerable amount of mass. Even when the idea of burning excess fat is unrealistic for weight trainers, Dwayne was able to pull-off a low fat look. This is what makes The Rock special. Whether he uses steroids or not doesn’t come into the picture with his perfect looks.

Change in Skin Color!

Moving on, Dwayne flaunts lighter skin than what he had two decades ago. This can be attributed to regulated body temperature. Scientifically, people with higher body temperatures are bound to have darker skin. With proper diet plans and regular fitness regimes, it is possible to regular the body temperature. Some say that steroids have helped the Rock gain his perfect tone! Well, there is very little theory to this. On the other hand, The Rock Steroids could have spiked Dwayne’s blood pressure, released more testosterone and thus reduced his body temperature.


Sizzling Traps

Dwayne is well-known for his traps. These have always been his prominent and most dominant muscles. It is very hard for people to develop traps without the use of steroids. Most men end up with overdeveloped traps! And, very few have “picture perfect Dwayne traps”. With the right kind of steroids and planned workouts, you will be able to developed “crafted” traps.

The Verdict

Many claim that The Rock Steroids is a collection of products. This may include steroids like Testosterone and Dianabol. After all, steroids can be treated as the rife of any wrestling or body building industry. And, the talk about “The Rock Steroids” is absolutely normal!


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