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Phenadrine Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Phenadrine is a powerful dietary supplement. It is designed to help you lose weight fast and increase overall energy. It is scientifically formulated to offer you with unparalleled weight loss results and intense mental clarity. It results in a dramatic boost in energy and also physical performance. It is advised to take just two capsules per day.

We have performed research on its ingredients and effectiveness. Here are the results.

Introduction: What is Phenadrine?

Phenadrine from APS Nutrition is a powerful weight loss supplement. It is highly versatile and also helps you to burn fat. It renders versatility and workout intensity in the users. It promotes flexibility, energy as well as protein synthesis. It is a highly advanced formula that assists you to take workout regime to the next level!

Phenadrine is completely jitter-free.

What’s on top? Phenadrine regulates testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. It helps you to enhance libido and also improve sexual performance. This product is known to do wonders on your body!

About Manufacturer

Phenadrine from Advanced Performance Supplements(APS) Nutrition is one of the best health and bodybuilding product. It is available in the form of diet pills. It is designed to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Phenadrine claims

It delivers unparalleled weight loss results
It provides energy to perform an intense workout
It improves mental focus and concentration

It promotes sharpness, alertness and also mental clarity
It provides jitter-free energy with no crashes
It helps to increases vascularity
It promotes protein synthesis and elevates testosterone production
It improves sexual performance

Key Ingredients

Phenadrine from APS Nutrition is designed with the highest quality ingredients. Therefore, it is no exception. It boosts overall energy, burns body fat and helps to improve testosterone levels.

The main ingredients of Phenadrine are:

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine


N-Methyl-Beta-Methylphenylethylamine HCL


Dicalcium Phosphate

Magnesium Stearate

Titanium Dioxide


FD&C #40

Does Phenadrine Work?

From the customer reviews, we have found that Phenadrine lives up to its promise and delivers positive results. If you take it for a continuous 8-week duration, your body will develop a tolerance to Phenadrine.

Most of the users have said that after taking Phenadrine they felt a warm sensation in their stomach and also it helps to burn the stubborn fat. This diet pill is taken to cut down fat and tone muscles. It provides the required energy for weightlifting and improving performance.

Benefits and Results

Phenadrine has plenty of benefits on your body. It boosts blood circulation and also helps to optimize blood flow. The body muscles should not be overworked. In addition to this, improved blood circulation prevents erectile problems that generally men experience. Phenadrene assists you to recover quickly from physical and mental stress. It boosts dopamine, noradrenaline and epinephrine levels. This diet pill keeps you motivated at all times and do not makes you feel exhausted. It improves lipolysis function and also helps maintain a clear mind with higher concentration.

Another benefit associated with Phenadrine is that it assists you to feel energized at all times. It saves you from any kind of jitters or crashes

Phenadrine and Weight Loss

The manufacturer of Phenadrene – The APS Nutrition does not claims that this diet pill assists in weight loss. They claim it boosts energy. Phenadrene is highly beneficial for fat burning and metabolism boosting. Thermogenesis is a natural process that results in fat burning. The body burns the accumulated and also provides energy.

How to Take Phenadrine

It is recommended to take one capsule in the morning before the morning meal or pre-workout. You need to take second capsule 30 mins before your workout session. It must be taken empty stomach. It is highly advised to take Phenadrine a maximum for 8 weeks and then take a break for at least 8 weeks and then continue.

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Potential Side Effects

Loss of appetite
Chest pains
Restricted breathing
Irregular heartbeat
Heart palpitations
Mood changes
Panic attack
High blood pressure
Heart attack
Liver damage

Product Warnings

Try to keep it out of reach of children
It is not ideal for individuals under 18 years
You should not take it if you are pregnant or lactating
Try not to increase the dosage from 3 capsules per day
Do not take it along with caffeine, like coffee, soda or tea
Take two days off after taking this pill continuously for one week

Do not take Phenadrene more than eight consecutive weeks

Do not take the pill if you suffer from any health issues

Do not use it in extremely hot temperature conditions

APS Phenadrine Pros


It is a powerful formula
It improves mental focus
It provides higher mental clarity and energy


There are several side effects associated with it and also it is composed of banned ingredients.

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Final Verdict – Phenadrine

Final thoughts on Phenadrine. It is composed of natural extracts and helps in weight-loss. No tolerance build up! No hit-and-miss! It is composed of advanced and highly innovative compounds at powerful doses. It is truly a unique cutting-edge diet & energy aid. It provides support in your weight loss and also assists you to feel great.