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How to Make Your Anavar Dosage Work For You

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Anavar is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids with untapped potential as many are unaware of how to make their Anavar dosage work for them. One of the unique qualities of Anavar is its mild effect which means a variety of benefits with very minimal side effects. Unknown to many, Anavar is just the most popular brand name for dihydrotestosterone derived anabolic steroid Oxandrolone.

In the following we will look at the benefits of Anavar and how to make it work for you with the perfect Anavar dosage that suits your specific needs.


Anavar is coveted due to its many therapeutic qualities. Various studies have linked its use to the effective treatment of hepatitis. It also assists in the stimulation of hormone production for individuals who are experiencing stunted growth and development. Anavar gives the body a much needed boost by helping to increase the red blood cell count. It further helps to build up deliberate weight gain for people who need to put on weight in order to be able to perform some surgical procedures.


One of the very particular benefits of Anavar is its enhancement of an individual’s stamina. With the proper Anavar dosage in place, you would see a remarkable improvement in your workout rate. This allows you to work out longer and meet your fitness goals in record time.  You also build up muscular endurance and can push yourself to undiscovered limits. When following a workout regimen, an essential part of it is how fast your body can recover. If your recovery rate is too slow, you would wear out too quickly. Anavar allows you to recover quickly from the rigors of whatever regimen you follow.

Muscle gain

For anyone in search of sustainable muscle gain, Anavar is the perfect choice. While there is no sudden spike in muscle growth, the gains that are being achieved are long lasting. It helps to build up solid lean tissue. It is embraced by females as it provides a very good option for continuous muscle gain without looking too bulked.

 Body strength

For athletes, body strength is everything; it is the difference between winning and nearly winning. Anavar helps you build up your speed and power which gives you a clear edge while competing.

This burst of space and raw strength is not accompanied by a large muscle mass but by lean muscle acquired slowly but surely.


Anavar is administered orally 2-4 times as prescribed. For effectiveness, the maximum dosage is capped at 20mg per day. A dosage of 5-10mg is perfect for therapeutic needs. For females, a dosage of 5-10mg also provides the best results. After an extended period of use spanning two to four weeks, it is strongly advised that you give your body a break.

Side effects

Anavar comes with common side effects like Nausea, vomiting and acne. The best thing about Anavar is that side effects can be minimized by using the right Anavar dosage.

For serious allergic reactions, it is best to seek your doctor’s advice as soon as possible to avoid complications. With the right dosage in place you can achieve all your goals with Anavar.

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