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Low-carb, low-carb, low carb

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You hear it everywhere probably permanently, from friends, on TV or read it on the Internet. I have also reported about it one time or another for the simple reason: it works! Once I realized that my pants were a little too tight and my stomach just not as flat as I would like it, I reduced my diet to low-carb – so low in carbohydrates.

Because it is difficult for me to avoid buns, noodles and co. all day, I concentrated mostly on dinner. So I can eat what I want during the day (of course still pay attention to what you shovel into your body!) and also must not plan as much. Because a carbohydrate diet requires some planning and organizing. Especially if you don’t want to avoid side dishes in the canteen – although even this method proved quite good, if you must improvise sometimes.

Low-carb dinners + a low-carb day a week

But those who (like me) do not manage to be so disciplined all week long, should better start with low-carb dinners and combine it with an extra low-carb day a week. For me this is Sunday, because I have time to cook and to think about what exactly is on the menu.




For those who can no longer stand to watch their daily salad, I have some other recipe ideas:

Tomato Mozzarella

Made quickly, cheaply and yet no carbohydrates! Simply cut tomatoes and the cheese into slices, put one above the other, drizzle with olive oil and vinaigrette and enrich it with salt, pepper and fresh basil.

Chili con carne

The one who takes it is cheating of course a little, because, strictly speaking, you should probably avoid corn. But a really good chili, without rice or bread, of course, still fills you up, warms from the inside and in no way gives the impression that there is anything missing. Loads of good recipes are available on the Internet!

Tuna meatballs

It doesn’t always have to be meat, fish provides a great foundation for the low-carb diet. For this, simply mix canned tuna with herb cream cheese, shredded cauliflower, half an onion and an egg white; season well and bake for half an hour in a Muffin Tin.

Zucchini pasta

I admit, the name is not entirely correct… But the zucchini pasta at least tastes as good as the original one. For it you just need to peel the zucchini with a vegetable peeler into long, thin strips; and then roast them in a pan with a little oil until they are ready.

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