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Does the HGH factor work? Yes, it does, there are even a variety of treatment scenarios. HGH is the abbreviation for the human growth hormone. The Growth Hormone can be found in the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

When the pituitary gland is not functioning properly, deficiencies of the growth hormone may occur. Synthetic or laboratory developed human growth hormones may be a recommended treatment for growth hormone deficiencies in children as well as in adults – but only under certain circumstances.

Prescription-strength HGH is not officially recommended for non-medical purposes such as bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement, weight loss, or strength or improved stamina. This does however not prevent a large number of athletes from around the world from using it.

How does HGH work for bodybuilding?

Knowing how the human growth hormone works begins with understanding how it is produced in the body. HGH is also known as somatotropin. It is created and secreted by the pituitary gland, located deep in the brain. When damaged by disease, a birth defect, or some other kind of brain trauma, the pituitary gland may not function properly. This gland is not only responsible for the production and secretion of growth hormones, but also oversees other hormones glands and their production and secretions of hormones.

The growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland has also an influence on the thyroid hormone production, insulin-like growth factor-1 production (from the liver), as well as the production of the testosterone hormone, produced in the male testicles. Working together, these three hormones are known as “triad” type. Each supports the other in an anabolic and androgenic potential.

When used by a bodybuilder, the growth hormone triggers the growth of all cells in the body, including the muscles. Insulin-like growth factors will also influence this growth, as the name implies. While the growth hormone and the IGF-1 trigger growth, the testosterone increases strength. Synthetic HGH provides the same benefits as it is literally replacing the growth hormone that is not produced adequately by the body. The injection of growth hormones into the body is controversial when levels are adequate according to age and gender, as unexpected side effects may occur.

It is recommended to instead take steroid alternatives that contain natural and safe ingredients.


The Benefits of HGH

A number of bodybuilders may ask the question, “How does HGH Work” for a person whose pituitary and other hormones are functioning properly.

Although controversial, the injection of the human growth hormone can accelerate the growth and development and further enhance other processes in the body such as:

  • Metabolism of lipids
  • Digestion
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Retention of nitrogen and muscles
  • Improved immune system support
  • Increased strength, stamina, and post-workout recovery

The growth hormone produced by ones body (somatotropin) is also an important component for other functions of the body, including those of the heart and brain. In medicine, growth hormone treatments (injections of synthetic HGH – somatropin) can benefit children diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, however not as much as one may believe. Medical treatments with growth hormones are also extremely expensive, often costing up to $ 30,000 a year.

Do you want to buy HGH?

Bodybuilders looking for HGH without a prescription are limited in regards to the source, that is, underground laboratories and resources in the black market. Because it is so popular, HGH is one of the most commonly faked products on the black market today. Much of it is false and dangerous. Some types of HGH average $ 500- $ 600 a month, while cheaper versions are available from a number of online steroids and HGH providers. Some providers will sell oral or injectable forms of HGH at around $ 100 for a month’s supply.

Bodybuilders often turn to suppliers based in Mexico and Latin America, Asia, or Central Europe for their product.

In these countries, the government regulation, supervision of quality ingredients, and sterility involved in manufacturing processes is often less than stellar. You should never purchase any form of HGH from an underground lab or a black-market resource with respect to quality. You may receive a contaminated or potentially dangerous product, that does not just involve the risk of being ripped off but also in harming your body in a serious way.

 Dosing recommendations

When used for non-medical purposes, you will not find any medically condoned dosage recommendations for use.
In most scenarios, the growth hormone dosage recommendations are intended for pediatric patients. The conversion of such dosage to adult weight and their use can be somewhat complicated. In most cases and in medical settings, the growth hormone dosage starts at about 0.003 mg per kilogram for children. On average, the initial adult dosage ranges around 0.005 mg per kilo a day.

A bodybuilder or athlete will generally find recommendations online for the average dosage from the lower end (1 IU daily) and up to the highest 6 or 8 IU daily. Milligram strength and dosage recommendations may differ depending on the brand of HGH you buy. Dozens of synthetic forms of HGH are available in the market nowadays.

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