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How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass for Beginners

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Introduction: Importance of Knowing Lean Muscle Mass

Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand in building up muscles. There is an intricate science behind putting up the bulk. Trust me, it’s more than just adding calories to your diet and lifting weights repeatedly. Knowing your lean muscle mass can help track your progress when losing weight, bodybuilding, and even staying healthy. It is time for you to hit the gym and put your muscles to work. We will define what lean body mass is, the difference between lean body mass and muscle mass, and most importantly, how to build up lean muscle mass. In addition, we will also discuss the bad habits that will hinder you to do so.
lean muscle mass workout

What is Lean Muscle Mass?

Apparently, lean muscle mass is a misnomer. “Lean” is used to describe the absence of body fat. The fact is that all muscles are lean. Lean Body Mass is the apt term to describe your total weight less than all the weight of your fat. It includes the sum of the weight of the organs, skins, bones, body water, and muscle mass. Consider trying out some lean mass calculator in the web to know your LBM. We use the body fat scale to estimate our fat percentage. Lean body mass accurately details that our entire weight minus the fat. Moreover, LBM can also be called as “fat-free mass.” To get this variable, we pay attention to two major categories: muscle mass (including smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles) as well as the body water. Muscle mass, on the other hand, is a term that can be used when you’re performing resistance training or weightlifting exercises. It can also be referred to as the skeletal muscle mass. However, you must remember that muscle mass is STILL a part of the lean body mass. Take note that the muscle mass is not the same for everybody.

Lean Gains Loophole

A lean gain is simply when there is an increase in lean body mass. However, it is not always true that we build up muscles if our lean body mass increased. Remember that the LBM consists of water also. Lean body mass is mainly composed of dry lean mass and the total body water. Dry lean mass includes bone minerals and protein. When gain muscles, our LBM will definitely increase. Muscles contain a lot of water. In fact, a single one may contain 79% water content.  
lean muscle mass gains
To sum it up, we can deduce that huge lean mass gains are mainly because of the increase in body water. Furthermore, it is a tall order to determine how much skeletal muscle mass is acquired without using the proper equipment.

Ways to Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Muscle gainers are prevalent these days. You need to couple them up with the natural methods to increase muscle mass. Here are the top 7 ways to do so:

More Workout Session

lean muscle mass lifting weights
Going to the gym twice a week is good if you want to maintain the muscles you already have. But, increasing your training frequency is one of the main keys to bulking up. The ideal frequency in hitting the gym is 4-5 times a week. These workouts will be shorter to allow you to recover.

Eat More

lean muscle mass healthy eating
Our bodies use calories as fuel for our daily tasks. That is why if we exercise more often, it is necessary to eat according to the amount of work you put on. Your body won’t recover if you don’t eat enough so most men need at least 3000 kcal/day to gain bulk.

Stick to Your Goals

lean muscle mass focus
Consistency is important to increase muscle mass. An effective training program and diet can earn most guys 0.25kg of lean muscles per week. In a year, you can gain as much as 12kg of muscles if you workout consistently.

Rest and Recover

lean muscle mass rest
The time you spent outside the gym is crucial for your body’s recovery. A consistent 8-hour sleep is a necessity as well as reducing stress. You may be surprised at the effect of rest to our body composition along with the workout routine.

Take Supplements

lean muscle mass capsules
Dietary supplements fill the gaps in our diet. Multivitamins, fish oils, and even protein shakes can help improve strength and endurance. Consider one of the best muscle mass gainers in the market that we recommend.

Big Lifts

lean muscle mass body building
Exercises such as overhead presses, squats, and deadlifts utilize more muscles. Together with adding more weight while lifting, you can gain many mass-building benefits efficiently.

Have the Right Attitude

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Dedication and hard work are the keys to being successful not only in building muscle mass but also at life. We need to be always motivated and focused on our goals. In that way, we have a morale boost and adrenaline pumping every time we go to the gym.

Habits that will Hinder Gaining Muscle Mass

Ditch these wrong habits that are obstacles to achieving your fitness goals:

Skipping Sleep

Eight hours of sleep a night can help you have the energy that you need for your workouts. It can also help in clearing your mind as you plan your daily meal plan. Most importantly, it gives your body ample time for your body’s repair and recovery. Lack of sleep will not allow your body to produce the hormones you need to build muscles.

Exercising while Hungry

lean muscle mass hunger
We all know that exercising while on a full stomach is bad. However, we become sluggish and weak if it’s empty. There is a tendency that your stomach will also be in pain due to the acid that is acting up in it. Having enough protein before working out can be really crucial for muscle building.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is a big no-no when training. In fact, you may suffer from headaches and even nausea with every movement. We need to have the ample amount of fluids and electrolytes in our body for it to function properly. People also mistook being dehydrated for being hungry. Water can also help you in avoiding overeating.


Building lean muscle mass is a factor in a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Discipline and motivation are the secret ingredients in staying on track on your fitness goals. Of course, patience is necessary because the results will show eventually!