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How to get a sexy belly

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If it is true what they say “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, it would be easy enough to get rid of that belly.

sexy stomachThe first important things that you need to be able to start and to reach the finish line are certainly determination, constant commitment and the will and spirit of sacrifice.

Further a targeted physical training, accompanied by a sound and proper daily nutrition is necessary.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you are willing to change!

So let’s see what rules we should follow to perfectly tone our belly and to decrease the waistline.

In case you have a big belly, losing weight in a short amount of time will be virtually impossible and certainly unhealthy. In the case you have small eating disorders, we advise to consult a doctor to discuss a less drastic diet.

Lose weight with a healthy diet

By following a correct and balanced diet, you can achieve an enviable belly.

The advice that you are going to read below is specific to people with normal weight that have no more than two or three pounds above normal. Otherwise, always remember to consult a dietitian or a nutritionist.

You must carry out a balanced low-calorie diet or a purifying diet, deleting fats, alcohol, sweets, fried foods, packaged snacks, dairy products, soft drinks etc.

Never skip meals during the day but eat little and often, and drink a lot of water at least one liter and a half a day. It is appropriate to drink a glass of water with lemon juice in the morning before breakfast; because the lemon properties are used to purify and burn most of the excess fats.

We recommend to eat a lot of fiber contained in vegetables and fruits.

For lunch or dinner you can eat a piece of cooked lean meat in the pan, or even better a fish filet, which contains necessary nutritional vitamins for our organism.

In the food pyramid Carbohydrates are in first place, so it is important to not underestimate them. If eaten in the right amount (about 70-80gr) it weill help our energy needs.


Exercises to have an enviable belly


As we said before, a diet is unfortunately not enough to achieve the stated objectives.

It is necessary to

follow a correct and constant physical activity.

You can do this even at home; and it definitely helps you to remove excess fat, located on the sides and on the abdomen.

After finishing the sequence of exercises, comfortably lie down and massage the belly with circular movements, using creams for body; or even better, applying compresses of green tea, which helps a lot to drain most of the fat; and to avoid the emergence of small annoying stretch marks.

On YouTube, find all the specific exercises that will guide you step after step, to get an enviable belly…

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