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Garcinia Cambogia Plus – Losing weight without diet, is that possible?

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Garcinia: why did I give it a try?
After not having the courage to visit the local swimming pool or make a trip to the seaside last summer due to being overweight I realized that I had to do something. Especially if you have two small children who would love to go on such an excursion. By now I’m 35 years old and weigh 165 pounds at a height of 1.65m. Which means that I want to lose at least 33 pounds. Unfortunately, the whole thing is not that easy, since apart from the children I also have a job and therefore no time for exercising.

Changing my diet is problematic as well. I always eat with my children, who’d look at me funny if I only cooked low-carb meals, for example.
A good friend of mine, who used to live in the US, told me about Garcinia Cambogia Plus, which apparently had become popular in the US because of a TV show.

Apparently, this product is also supposed to be the secret of many celebrities.

My friend tried it herself and lost 9 pounds within a month without changing her eating habits or exercising. The whole thing sounded too good to be true, to be honest. I then started looking online for potential companies selling this product.
At first I was overwhelmed, since there were probably at least 20 different sellers for this product. But not only different sellers, but at the same time completely different pricing models. At first I wanted to order a product where you only had to pay for shipping. Upon reading the terms and conditions, I was horrified to realize that the entire thing was a scam, where you automatically subscribed to their service and had to pay a monthly fee of 100 USD.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus: As I discovered this product

The things people are up to these days I then read a few product reviews and came across a product called Garcinia Cambogia Plus which had won most of the tests. The website was very informative and the product was available in three different packet sizes (no subscription trap).

I opted for the 3 month package (buy 2 products and get one for free) for 79.44USD. With the discount code PRESIDENT10 that was displayed on the site, I was able to save another 10%. The large package seemed to have an attractive price, too (119.20 USD for 5 products), but since I wasn’t familiar with the product it was a little too expensive for me.

After placing the order on a Monday morning, the products arrived just 2 days later with USPS (super fast).

Garcinia Cambogia Plus: My results

I immediately started taking the product (2 capsules daily) and noticed fairly quickly that I was a lot less hungry. For example, it didn’t bother me anymore to be sitting with the children while they ate and not eating anything myself. At the same time I had the urge to consume more water. I think, also reduced the feeling of being hungry.
Naturally, I weighed myself every week to control exactly whether the product was keeping what it promised. The start was quite slow (I had lost 1.5 pounds after the first week).

After that the kilos disappeared as if by magic.

This way I had already lost 15 pounds at the end of the first month. WOW.
My friends couldn’t believe that I wasn’t secretly going to the gym every night. Over the course of the second month I didn’t lose as much weight. I had lost a total of 21 pounds anyway. After having taken the last capsule (after three months), the scale showed 140 pounds, which means that I had lost a total of 27 pounds in 3 months.

Even though it wasn’t my ideal weight, I was still super proud of the success. I was a little afraid of the yo-yo effect coming into play as soon as I stopped using the product. Thankfully, after another three months and a somewhat healthy diet, I still weigh 140 pounds. I’m totally ready for the next summer

For me personally, this product worked out really well and I can only recommend for anyone to try the whole thing out for yourself (you can find the website here), if you, like myself, don’t really have time to change your diet or exercise more.

If you have any questions about the product, you can just leave a comment below.

I’ll take the time to reply.


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