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The main reasons “why eating an apple a day” is good for your health

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If the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true, then we really need to believe it! However, why is an apple so good for our body? What are its properties? It’s considered as “the forbidden fruit” by all Christians. In modern days, this succulent fruit, redeems itself by revealing what a precious contribution it gives to our health. Long story short, those who eat even a single little apple per day, can benefit from it. Surely, it is unlikely that this person will be immune from any kind of illness or chronic diseases, one will always have to see a doctor at some point. On the other hand, it has been tested and confirmed that this type of fruit can immensely reduce the need for medical prescriptions. With time, one will notice an improvement of the immune system, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can even reduce the risk of contracting certain types of tumours. An apple is made of 85% of water. Therefore it is a low-calorie fruit. A great number of vitamins and mineral salts can be found directly inside the peel and juice.

According to a few researchers and doctors, the apple is considered to be a more valuable healing element than usual drugs. It truly is a 100% natural remedy!

Partly, an apple can favour the elimination of a specific kind of bacteria that concentrates on blood vessels. This highly reduces the risk of having a stroke. Meanwhile, fluoride helps strengthen our teeth and to always keep the membrane white that covers and protects our teeth. It is an excellent ally for curing and protecting hair and nails as well. Thus, it further reinforces them. Eating an apple before or after a meal, certainly helps calming down our appetite. For this exact reason, eating an apple before going to the gym makes us feel satiated and gives us the required energy for a good work-out. Mainly due to its groups of vitamins and its mineral salts. Usually, an apple is consumed crude. Nevertheless, many of you are probably not aware of how tasty and beneficial a cooked apple can be in the fight against constipation.

An apple is rich of the following: fructose, sugar, water, mineral salts, glucose, vitamins, fibre, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc. All of these energetic elements which are meant for your body, are also good treating clinical diseases. In the case of asthma, it helps clear our respiratory system. It also helps kidney issues and is great if we use it for digestive reasons, as it fully eliminates attacks by the bacterial flora on our intestines. For those of us who are overweight, many expert dieticians highly recommend to eat a lot apples (or fruit in general) during breakfast and as snacks. Even those who suffer from diabetes can eat them, as they contain a low quantity of added sugar. In addition to that, it can block rheumatisms and bone pain that can surface as we grow older. It is recommended to drink two or three cups of apple juice, or even better, boiled water of apple peels. It’s very simple, just boil for a period of 15 minutes. Make sure that the apple’s peels are washed and cut previously. Let it rest and cool for a while. Then, pour it in a glass and cheers!

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