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Dieting without exercise | Beat your sugar cravings and lose weight

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It’s no secret that not every one of us is a born sport bomb or fitness junkie. For many of us, it is the same thing every time: kick yourself in the ass and defeat the inner couch potato. And on top of that we do have the constant sugar cravings. However, there are ways to burn lots of calories, without having to do sports. The best solution is to simply implement short exercise sequences in your everyday routine, so that you can practically burn a few calories more on the run. For example, if you move your calves up and down when you brush your teeth in the morning, afternoon and evening (simply repeatedly shift the weight to balls of your feet and lift the heel), you can burn up to 50 calories. And if you take the stairs instead of the escalator and elevator every time, you will burn up to 150 calories for 10 minutes a day. And that also means that you should avoid mechanical help like cars, buses or subway and strictly walk for ten minutes. Almost 100 calories are burned again. These three tips can also be realized for each one of us who works a lot and might not make it to the gym, and certainly not to team sports, due to a number of overtime hours and long meetings.

Of course, without the proper nutrition that will never work. Whether you exercise regularly or not, what we eat every day is the key to maintain the weight or to get rid of one or two unnecessary kilograms. If you are at the office or elsewhere at work all day long, it is particularly important to eat healthy there as well. This is not only important for our weight, but also for the effectiveness and concentration at work. Only when the body is regularly supplied with the right nutrients like complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, the performance curve remains upward. So better put your fingers away from curried sausage and fries from the snack bar. From my own experience I know that bringing your own lunch really pays off. Whether an extra pre-cooked for a week, or remnants from the dinner – still healthier than the fast alternative from the takeaway or the canteen. Especially with jobs that require concentration, I recommend rather light meals. This benefits not only the weight but also prevents the annoying afternoon sleepiness. Of course, the golden rule remains: Only those who burn more calories than they take in will lose weight.

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