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Dianabol commonly also referred to as Dbol or Diana are oral steroids used by bodybuilders and weightlifters. It is very popular as it does not necessarily need to be injected and similar results can be achieved. Nowadays it does get harder to get hold of the product as most pharmaceutical companies do not longer produce it. The product is very effective for massive muscle growth as well as overall strength.

The testimonials of this performance enhancer by its users tell a story of how a Dianabol cycle is the most effective product on the market these days. Athletes of various backgrounds have in one way or the other implemented a Dianabol cycle in their daily athletic routine for over half a century. The most common questions are “what purpose does the Dianabol cycle serve” and “what are the benefits of a Dianabol cycle to athletes”? These questions are answered by the potency of anabolic steroids (Dianabol) that are being used during the Dianabol cycle.

Due to its importance, we want to share some important information on how to best use this drug to your maximum benefit, as well as other related bits about this body enhancer. When taking Dianabol, it is advised to stick with the oral ones in the form of tablets as they are favorable to use. Due to its half-life, Dianabol should be split into a daily dosage and taken around the time of having your meal to avoid any stomach upsets. It should be highlighted that it is not advised to take more than the recommended daily dose, as it causes a greater pressure on the liver. There are however some experienced users that use it as a pre-work anabolic supplement. Make sure you stick to the usage of the split dosage as it has lesser strain to the liver. So in ministering the proper dosage of a Dianabol cycle, ensure that 30-50mg is taken each day, which would lead to a cycle that lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. If you are new to the usage of Dianabol, it is advisable to start with 30-40mg, as this would be the proper dose for you. The appropriate use of Dianabol and the usage of the right dosage will result in muscles mass gains as well as overall strength.

It is obvious that the benefits of taking Dianabol in a proper cycle are enormous for both amateur as well as experienced weightlifters and other athletes. However, if taken incorrectly, it can lead to some severe side effects. We therefore recommend to abstain from a higher dose than the recommended amount by limiting the dose and the duration of taking the product, so that you do not risk any damage to the liver (hepatotoxic side effect). The product can potentially also have an Androgenic side effect for the male bodybuilder.

The retention of water in the body of the users can also be a side effect of taking the product. This causes a bloated look and moon face (a puffy appearance) however leads at the same time to a massive body structure. The water retention provides extra strength gains during the cycle but will reduce and eventually disappear once you have finished the cycle.

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