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Detox as an energy supplier | Regain balance!

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You have probably already heard about it from all possible sides, friends, acquaintances, on television and on the Internet: Detox.


Even stars like Sienna Miller and Anne Hathaway from Hollywood seem to swear by the trend. But what exactly is it all about and is it also the right thing for you?

Well first of all, clarify the concept: Detox is basically detoxify.

It is an internal cleansing of the body from the effects of poor diet, pollutants, stress-related hormone poisoning and general pollution in your own body.

Because if our actual detoxification organs such as skin, liver and kidneys are overwhelmed, this can cause a pale complexion and a prone body.

The goal of a detox

The goal of a detox, then, is to boost your metabolism, thus to lose weight and to clarify the complexion again. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system and gives your body new energy.

Especially after a long winter, a detox appears to be the right thing. It does not require a week at an expensive spa hotel or at a health farm. Instead, with special detox recipes (you can easily find them on the Internet) you can also cook for yourself, detoxify and help your body regain balance.

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How to detox

It is important to completely refrain from over-acidic foods such as meat, cheese, milk, white flour, candy, alcohol and coffee for a while. Instead, black or green tea bring the body back into balance. Even before the actual treatment, you should omit the listed food step by step. Right before the start of the treatment, there are the two so-called relief dates, which include only fruits and vegetables. These serve to relieve the digestive system.

The treatment detoxifies the body day after day. So, for example, on the first day you emptied the intestine with an enema or Epsom salts. Gradually, the detox process is put in motion in the body. This happens with the help of natural, ripe vegetarian food, rich in nutrients and vitamins. Add to this a lot of water, herbal or fasting tea to cleanse the body. As with fasting, three days of reconstruction are required after the detox, until you are able to eat normally again.

Everyone must know about such a cure. When the body is struggling with weight gain, persistent fatigue, apathy, headache, insomnia, or even skin and stomach problems, a detox could be the solution. You can support the process even more, such as through special detox massage, simple yoga or steam baths.

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