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What is a Dbol Cycle and how does it work?

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Dbol (Dianabol) is one of the best oral steroids out there and the primary force behind the Dbol cycle. But why is it so popular? Certainly one of the best things about it is that it delivers a really good value for your money and it also delivers results very fast. Studies have shown that it can easily bring you a rapid gain in muscle mass within weeks. At the same time, you can also boost your strength with its help, which is exactly what most of us are looking for, right?.

How should you take Dianabol?

When you start the Dbol cycle, you need to keep in mind the fact that this compound has a very short half life. This means you will want to retain a stable blood concentration. You can do that by splitting the dosage over the course of that day. You don’t need to take the entire Dianabol dosage all at once. Splitting the overall dosage throughout the day has proven to be much more effective. This further helps to avoid any stomach upsets or similar. Some people however prefer to take the full daily dose before their workout. The problem here is that this causes a major strain on your liver. Therefore we strongly suggest splitting the dosage if you want to maintain your health and boost the muscle mass at the same time.


What is the best Dbol cycle dosage?

The dosage will differ based on your requirements and a variety of other factors. Things like the type of your workouts and your weight can further increase or decrease your Dianabol dosage. With that in mind, the regular dose is somewhere around 30-50 mg per day. As we said earlier, the best thing you can do is to split the dosage in order to avoid any liver damage. If you are wondering for what period of time you should take Dianabol, we do recommend a period of up to 4-6 weeks for best results. A dosage of 30 mg – 40 mg should be sufficient. Please keep in mind, a higher dosage is only recommended for people accustomed to Dianabol’s effects.

Can you take other supplements with Dianabol?

If you start taking Dianabol, then you can certainly combine it with other supplements for better efficiency. It is usually recommended to combine Dianabol with a Testo-Booster for even better results. Further you can of course continue to take your Protein on a daily basis.

To summarize…

Starting the dbol cycle and  and continuing the treatment for around 6 weeks will certainly get you to the next level. From boosting your strength and workout performance to increasing your muscle mass, Dianabol can deliver amazing results.

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As of course, you need to talk with a medical professional and adapt your diet and workout styles accordingly. If you do it properly, the Dianabol cycle can give you some extraordinary results, and it can help you achieve those much-needed results.

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