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Cellulite: The #1 Enemy for Women

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Cellulite, is the common “evil” that most women have to battle (aside from losing a few kilos). These small skin imperfections have the ability to make many women feel uncomfortable. Millions of women all over the world suffer from it. The majority of them (80%) are of the ages between 16-60 years. Cellulite only grows around certain body areas such as: pelvis, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs.


How to get rid of Cellulite

First of all, you must know the main causes that favour the growth of cellulite: nutritional disorders, hormonal and genetic factors, inflammation, metabolic disorders etc. For these reasons, there are various tricks that can help prevent cellulite. It all begins with alimentation. An incorrect alimentation can worsen the situation. In order to quickly obtain great results, you must know that consistency, determination, good will and effort will ultimately help you in the fight against cellulite. Have you reached the point where you want to get rid of your enemy forever, but you do not know exactly where to start?!

Tips for a healthy diet

Many of the food products that must be avoided or limited are in the food chain trade, there are others that are chosen in order to follow a healthy diet. You should avoid all food that consists of calories and fats. Examples are: all kinds of cold meats and sausages, canned foods, very fatty meat, fried food, sweets, snacks, liquor, etc. You should eat: fruits and fresh vegetables, raw olive oil, yogurt and low-fat milk, fibre and cereals, wholemeal bread and pasta, honey etc.

However, a healthy diet is not sufficent on its own. Regular physical exercise does tremendously help with getting rid of a huge part of the cellulite. It has been proven that living a monotonous and sedentary lifestyle (for example staying seated for too long), may lead to the collapse of skin muscle tissue. This ultimately leads to the growth of cellulite. Movement, physical activity (whatever it may be), is of great help to our metabolism, blood circulation, and the improvement of our back muscles. Thus, it allows the body to burn off a lot of excess fat.

On the contrary, other factors that might aggravate the situation, and that may appear as trivial and unusual, are the principal causes that lead to these imperfections that emerge on our skin. For instance, wearing excessively tight clothes that do not allow a proper blood circulation of the blood vessels, avoiding smoking and stress that are two major causes that not only affect the acceleration of the so called “orange peel skin”, but also the raging of the skin. Furthermore, wearing tight shoes or shoes with heels often prevents the vein blood circulation and with time, lead to wrong back postures which are also negative for your health.

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