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Bodybuilding Supplements that work like Steroids

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The natural bodybuilding physique is not so different from the ones of the professionals, except for one big difference…Drugs.

It is no secret that some of the best athletes in the field use drug cocktails to get their massive figures in musculature and free of fat. The preferred drugs are clearly anabolic steroids, mixed in a cocktail with growth hormones, IGF-1, Clenbuterol and T3. Natural bodybuilders prefer not to take these cocktails in order to achieve their goals in a natural way. This does however not mean that they are not taking other kinds of supplements. Even natural bodybuilders look for the latest inventions on the market that will take them to the next level. The big difference however is that natural bodybuilders prefer to manipulate their own hormones to the maximum levels where possible accompanied by an excellent diet and a detailed training plan. By using natural supplements you can increase the hormonal levels of your body naturally. This means more muscles and better fitness! Let me tell you a secret, all “natural” bodybuilders take something. They may not use illegal drugs, but you can be sure that something is being used.

Supplements that are a waste of money for a natural bodybuilder

Weight-gaining shakes (Gainer) are supplements you do not necessarily need as a natural bodybuilder. You can get all your macro nutrients from foods such as chicken, fish, eggs, meat and if you need extra protein you can get that from protein shakes. The carbohydrates found in the weight gainer are usually of low quality and are not necessary at all. These types of products are the ones that normally slow down natural bodybuilders as they spend their money on them instead of using it for supplements that actually increase muscle mass.

A great alternative are Max Gains products which provide the true muscle-building amino acid. It is fundamental that you DO NOT use hydrolyzed amino acids of SOY PROTEIN.  Soy in men is FATAL, as it reduces testosterone and increases the levels of estrogen.

Supplements for a natural bodybuilder

Something that you might consider taking, is a good Creatine supplement! Creatine has many benefits to your health and also changes the cells in your muscles to grow bigger and stronger! So make sure you take a good Creatine supplement which is available at Max Gains. The next big problem is that you’re going to want to optimize your hormonal levels like those who use drugs. Androgenic levels are being attacked by all the chemicals in the environment like pesticides, plastics and even lotions! These chemicals rob you of testosterone and also increase the effect of estrogen on the body. You need to reduce estrogen and increase testosterone if you want to get to your peak naturally.

Reducing estrogen may come from many sources, but the best is an aromatization inhibitor. This tumes the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. You also want to block estrogen at the receptor level. In addition to reducing estrogen you also want to increase testosterone levels. Having higher than normal levels is important to build muscle whether you are natural or “high”. If you are under 21 years of age and want to stay totally natural, products used as Post Cycle Treatment (PCT) serve very well for this purpose as their main goal is to block estrogens and increasing testosterone levels in the body. If you want to use prohormones, take a look at Pro-Hormones, Which can give you even more raw material and shoot your androgenic levels to the ceiling! Both supplements are of paramount importance for a bodybuilder who wants to stay natural but also wants to have the best body possible.

It is also important to help the body to produce more growth hormone naturally. Some of the benefits of growth hormones are, muscle tissue growth, reduction of fatty tissue, elimination of cellulite, diminishing of wrinkles and producing juvenile skin, triggering growth of hair, hair color restoration, increasing energy, reducing fatigue, increasing resistance to exercise, increasing sexual performance as well as improving the cholesterol profile among others.  Growth hormone injection is very expensive and difficult to get as the over-the-counter sale is illegal. We therefore do recommend the oral growth hormone product that is available at Max Gains.

Diet and exercise for a natural bodybuilder

It is clear that this is the most important part. You need to have a good training program and be following a proper diet that includes lots of protein. Use protein supplements to help you reach the daily amount of protein your body needs. Without this, you’ll never get a good figure no matter what supplements you use!

Make sure to visit Max Gains where you will find many supplements to help you build your muscles naturally.

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