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BiphedAdrene Review – Claims, Benefits and Results

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Are you looking forward to stimulating weight loss through appetite suppression? You can definitely make use of BiphedAdrene – it is composed of magical ingredients like Mate Leaf Extract that can provide skeptical weight loss results.

We have reviewed BiphedAdrene and will let you know complete details about its – ingredient list, side effects, and scientific research.

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Introduction: What is BiphedAdrene?

BiphedAdrene is a popular diet pill helping users to weight loss naturally. The manufacturer of BiphedAdrene, Generix Laboratories, claims that it is a

Appetite Suppressant

Energy Booster

Stamina Enhancer

Mood Booster

Fat Burner

This diet pill is available in a capsule form – a purple and yellow one. Both the capsules are required to be taken together.

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Key Ingredients

BiphedAdrene #1 (purple capsule)

Trimethylxanthine – fat burner and stimulant

Arbutin – prevents the formation of melanin

Phenylethylamine – improves athletic performance, depression, weight loss, and mood

Theobromine – smooth muscle relaxant and cardiac stimulant

Microcrystalline – a bulking agent in food production

BiophedAdrene #2 (yellow capsule)

Ilex paraguariensis extract – rich in caffeine

Guarana – rich in caffeine

Methylxanthine – a dehydrated form of caffeine

Turner – an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer

Capsaicin – stimulates thermogenesis

Serotonin – mood regulator

L-dopa – a dopamine precursor

Gelatin – complete protein source

Rice flour – make capsules smoother and easier to swallow

Stearic acid – used as a flow agent

Magnesium stearate – used as a flow agent

Mate Leaf Extract

Mate Leaf Extract is the main ingredient of BiphedAdrene diet pill. It helps to lose weight and also acts as a stimulant for fighting mental and physical fatigue. It not only promotes heart health but also helps in healing from urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Damiana Leaf Extract

Damiana Leaf Extract has been used as an aphrodisiac by The Mayans of Mexico. It is useful in the treatment of headaches and constipation. It promotes weight loss and also works as a mild mood enhancer. Therefore, it provides relief from stress and strain.

Cayenne Pepper

The other important ingredient of BiphedAdrene is Cayenne pepper. It has been found that cayenne pepper leads to a short burst of heat helping you burn fat on a faster pace. Therefore, it helps you to boost the metabolism and also burn more calories.

This weight loss pill is mainly composed of caffeine-based stimulants. Some of its ingredients are believed to promote a natural high.


The benefits of using BiphedAdrene are mentioned below:

It is a potent appetite suppressant

It works as a mood enhancer

It is a unique combination of powerful ingredients

It helps to burn fat quickly due to its thermogenic compounds

It promotes weight loss

How BiphedAdrene affects weight loss?

Most of the ingredients of BiphedAdrene are composed of weight loss-promoting properties. They help to improve physical stamina and are also composed of caffeine that works as a stimulant. The cayenne pepper has a direct link with weight loss.

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How to Use BiphedAdrene

It is recommended to take one yellow and one purple tablet along with a full glass of water fifteen minutes before meals.

Product Warnings

Do not exceed three servings of each tablet within a twenty-four-hour period

It is advised to combine it with a sensible diet and healthy exercise program

Individuals, less than 18 years of age should not use it

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take it

Do not consume additional caffeine

BiphedAdrene Side Effects

High in caffeine



Increase sugar levels

Sleep disturbances


Heart palpitations

Elevated heart rate

Pricing Options $135 $74.97 $72.99

Any BiphedAdrene Lawsuits?

We could not find any lawsuits pending against BiphedAdrene or Generix Laboratories.

Where Can I Buy BiphedAdrene?

You can purchase BiphedAdrene from its official website, and also from major third-party retailers.

Money Back Guarantee

You get a 30-day money back guarantee with the purchase of BiphedAdrene.

Is BiphedAdrene FDA Approved?

There no attempts made by the FDA to pull BiphedAdrene from the market.

How many capsules are present in each pack?

Each packet of BiphedAdrene is composed of 120 tablets – 60 purple and 60 yellow

When to Take BiphedAdrene

It is advised to take BiphedAdrene along with a full glass of water before meals.

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Final Verdict – BiphedAdrene Review

Most of the diet monitoring sites do not encourage the use of Biphedadrene. As per these sites, it is:


Absence of guarantees

Unclear refund policies

Limited scientific research studies

Unresolved contradictions

A limited number of positive reviews

In addition to this, the results you’ll receive from using the pill vary from a person to person. Its efficacy depends upon diet and exercise regime followed by the user. So, it highly advised thinking twice before starting using this diet pill.