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Alternative Sport: Hiking

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For those who like something quiet, but still do not want to restrain from movement, the hiking is just the right thing.


It is not only in the hilly spheres but also in the plains and on the coast where you can hike.

The hiking you can carry out everywhere.

And it is also very popular: Over 34 million people hike in Germany now. Of course, not all at once.

But yet, for the majority of the population it seems to be the optimal activity to refrain from stress, from everyday life, from mobile phone and sometimes annoying Internet. Because, what matters is the moment. Some people do it for sports experience, for the number of hiked kilometers, other people enjoy the nature, the view.

Hiking: a healthy sport

Walking also had a neat change of image. Many people have considered boring. But that has changed. Since hiking and trekking and the hiking map became the outdoor GPS, the sport is suddenly in vogue. The people who hike today are also much younger than a few years ago. So 20-40-year-olds are now included in the picture.
And even among students is now walking really popular! And that’s a good thing.

Because walking makes you (at least in good weather) feel good, relaxed and makes a great figure at the same time. In particular, the mountain roads are the ideal training for a bootylicious butt.
And calories are burned en masse if you make yourselves on the way in nature.
A study by the Cologne Institute for Prevention and Aftercare it has found that the test person burned up to 1700 calories in a three-hour walking tour. And almost as many as during jogging over the same period.

Here, the question remains: Who likes to jog for three hours at a stretch?

Walking is clearly the more relaxing alternative! Studies have even shown that the calorie consumption is higher than during cycling on an ergometer and also during fitness training with strength and stamina elements in the gym.

So whether alone or in small groups, get some decent walking shoes, pack some food and let nature inspire you. Because hiking must neither be done in the Alps, nor costs a lot of money. Just the variety of German nature makes this sport even more enticing

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